April Cottage

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April Cottage Flushing Falmouth

April Cottage on the waterfront at Flushing

Flushing is part of the Trefusis Estate in the Manor of Tregew in the parish of Mylor and was formerly owned and developed by the Trefusis estate. The parish of Flushing was formed in 1844 from the parish of Mylor.

Directory checks reveal that it was a much more self sufficient place with its own butcher , baker , dairymen , boot and shoemakers , blacksmith, grocers, coal merchant and oyster merchant. There were also two Inns a dressmaker and Miss Mary Pryor who was a grocer , draper fancy repository and patent medicine vendor.

Source Kellys Directory of Devon and Cornwall 1893 ; part 3 Cornwall p 1105

All your needs could be met within the village

Tithe Map and Apportionment

Tithe Map checked to identify property and apportionment checked to identify landowner and lessees

Flushing was part of Mylor parish at the time of the Tithe Settlement
TA161 The Tithe Apportionment [ list of land holdings , owners and occupiers ] as well as the tithe [ tax] due.; and TM161 Tithe map were both inspected
In the Town of Flushing the land was owned by Lord Clinton and leased to William Carvossa and John Harris

The property is marked on the Tithe map as number 1443
and described on the apportionment
as House, Cellars and garden.
April Cottage would have been one of the cellars used for the storage of goods traded by the packet captains or for the processing of fish, and storage of fishing gear and ship spares. Cellar in Cornish use is more of a storage area rather than an underground area which might be thought of the typical English use of the word.

Documents at The Royal Institution of Cornwall Courtney Library do list earlier Nineteenth Century Tenancies in Flushing but there was no way of linking that document to the property. [RIC [BRA 641]

A Visit to the Trefusis Archive by kind permission of N. Trefusis, Esq. and inspection of of the Estate map and the linked rent book showed that item 42 in 1765 was listed as Tonkin’s House
Lake’s parochial history records that Flushing was built by the Dutch starting in 1661.

It would be difficult to ascertain whether the property has been rebuilt totally since late in the seventeenth century. It would be unusual it it hadn’t been modified and adapted to cope with changing uses over the years but there is evidence of a property on that site since prior to 1765 and as basic patterns of settlement don’t alter without a wholesale redevelopment of an area. The site has had a building on it since that time and both the tithe map and estate plans show buildings of a similar shape.

Documents checked

BRA 641/6 at RIC Courtney Library .
Tregew Conventionary rental 1890 lists properties in Trefusis Road Flushing with tenants nos 23; 27;28;34;3569;74;

CRO catalogue check Trefusis DD.TS

TS.17 Book of lives and values ( for Tregew Manor)1765
T.S 19 Rent Accounts ( for Tregew) 1625
TS 20 (B) Rent Accounts 1734
T.S. 36 Paper Rental of conventionary rents 1811
T.S.247 a plan of the Manor of Tregew and Restronguet 1764
T.S. 250 Copy of a Survey of several manors
T.S.253 Lord Clinton’s Survey Book Cornish Estates 1832
T.S. 254 Survey book 1832 legible
T.S. 267 Book of plans with Surveys