Cornwall has a long Maritime History with particular types of craft developed for specialist tasks from the Pilot gigs who carried pilots out to ships, to Gaff rigged Oyster dredgers as well as specialist seine netting boats and a variety of luggers.



For the pilot gigs it was a real race for the first gig got their pilot aboard and they got paid. the rest got nothing. The Winner took it all.
Oyster dredging in the Carrick Roads is still carried under sail. This limits the quantity of the catch and has prevented the oyster beds from being over dredged



The Dockyard Warrant Book is the office copy of all the Orders to supply stores to ships, purchase new materials, and also to move men and ships in response to Admiralty orders . This book from 1709 is possibly the earliest surviving example from a Dockyard which was only ordered to be built by King William IV in 1690. Transcripts of the pages will appear on the posts page.



The King Harry Ferry crosses the River Fal giving quick access to the Roseland peninsula.
Infosearch Cornwall has attempted to trace the original charter which included making enquiries of the Duchy of Cornwall Archive Research has also been undertaken about ferries in Fowey



Seamen in Cornwall are exposed to the weather. This image shows the power of the sea which can throw spray 150 feet in the air