Infosearch Cornwall has undertaken  a variety of Property Research tasks includingTrekeke farm near Camelford which  led to the discovery of a marriage settlement of 1600 including the property which at the time was part of the manor of Bottreaux Castell now better known as Boscastle.

Property research for April Cottage in Flushing was assisted by kind permission of the Trefusis estate who granted access to the Estate Archive

Other tasks have included research for reports in support of planning applications in Helston and Redruth

Spring Cottage near Truro was a “drycking” or trucking mill for cleaning fleeces. The spring also supplied water for growing willows for use in constructing lobster pots. Once the relevant manorial records was identified a surrender of a lease in 1709 was discovered showing the property and on a nearby field the line of a turnpike ( toll) road which is now part of the national road network