General Data Protection Regulations

In May 2018 a new law comes into effect which will strengthen data protection and gives individuals more control over the way organisations use your personal data.

Infosearch Cornwall only stores personal data from individuals who have

  • Made Enquiries from Infosearch Cornwall
  • Commissioned Research and other services  from Infosearch Cornwall
  • Individuals and Companies that Infosearch Cornwall has contacted in the course of their work

Data Use

Personal Data is stored for business purposes and compliance with HMRC tax and accountancy requirements or where there is either a legitimate  or contractual interest in the holding the data

Data Storage

  • Data is stored from Enquirers for a period of one year unless they have opted to accept information from Infosearch Cornwall
  • Data is stored for business and HMRC tax and accountancy regulations for a period of seven years
  • Data is only stored for longer period with the express permission of the  individual .
    for example
    Where the enquirer has requested to be informed about new information on the topic of their Enquiry
  • Individuals have the right to know what data is held about them.

This will be supplied on request to the individuals  who can provide information to identify themselves

  • Information can be deleted about individuals on request unless it is a HMRC legal  requirement that we hold data about who has paid for our services or who has supplied us with services for the seven year period.

This will be actioned  for the individuals  who can provide information to identify themselves.

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